Las Vegas Nevada , United States


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About Myself

The Beginning

I was born in Bogota, Colombia, where at 11 months, I was adopted by a radio talk show host and a British doctor. I was brought to New York City  where I grew up on on the Upper West Side and Upper East Side.                                                                         

My Journey


I started my professional career on Wall Street. I worked as an editor for several online newspapers. As an amazing experience as this job was, I wanted and needed more interaction with people. I started a job as an office manager for a day trading firm. After two years I was sent, by the same firm, to the Mercantile Exchange to help open a day trading firm. I was one of very few women at The Mercantile Exchange. I excelled at maintaining member accounts and bringing in new business. I was 27, had a beautiful office view, facing the Hudson River and one day, I realized that I wanted to learn more, and I wanted to learn from more of a creative stand point. I opened my own event planning company and pursued this for 10 years. It was everything I wanted and more! However, having been in New York City all my life, I wanted to experience another way of living. I ended up moving to Las Vegas NV. I believed Besides having to learn how to drive, one way is to put ourselves in an uncomfortable situation. I quickly went into the banking world for three years and then landed a job in workers' compensation, which led to a job in the construction world. I was controller of large construction company with subsidiary companies. I had the unimaginable opportunity to be exposed to a person who ended up becoming my mentor and someone who helped me come out of my shell.

The Beginning II

I feel like I have been so lucky to have had all the opportunities that I have been exposed to in my professional career. When you come to that mid-life crossroad, I strongly believe we need to charge towards that fear and make it happen! 

"The biggest crime in life is to waste time not trying to achieve your life goals and ambitions."

This is when Girl Friday LLC was born.